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Tokenized agriculture could provide economic relief to Argentine farmers

Argentina's brittle economy — stricken by endemic problems that have only worsened amid the COVID-19 pandemic — has sparked rising unrest in the country's agricultural...

Australian payments giant Eftpos becomes Hedera node operator

Australia’s top national debit infrastructure operator, Efptos, has been announced as the newest member of Hedera’s Governing Council. Alongside becoming the 17th council member, Eftpos...

Institutional Interest in Bitcoin is Bigger Than You Think

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor says institutional interest in Bitcoin is snowballing. He predicts the coming year will see a flood of companies follow MicroStrategy’s...

Bernie Sanders mitten memes immortalized in new NFT collection

Topps Digital released their latest line of NFT collectibles today, featuring Senator Bernie Sanders and his winter mittens as the subject of the promotional...

Solana targets growth in Southeast Asia with a $5M grants scheme

Solana has turned its focus towards decentralized finance in Southeast Asia with a new $5 million development fund.The Solana Foundation created the fund in...

Bitcoin Holds Strong At $31K, Why The Bulls Are Facing Uphill Task

Bitcoin price is stuck in a range below the $33,500 and $33,800 resistance levels against the US Dollar. BTC is likely to continue lower...

Millions Learn About DeFi From Wheel Of Fortune Contestant

Last night on the Monday night live airing of the popular TV game show Wheel of Fortune, a contestant named Jeremy introduced viewers to...

The true key to unlocking crypto mass adoption

When Bitcoin (BTC) launched in 2009, it was motivated by the distrust of financial institutions and their fees and the inflationary practices by central...

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